Featured eMail professional services

What is eMail professional? 
This channel is focused on bringing you a fast, reliable and secure service. We know that email is the most important medium for written communications in today’s rapid action and fast paced world. Our offering means that you can reduce costs and maintain standards / competitiveness.
Professional eMail Options
We offer a comprehensive range of email propositions to suit all organisations. Offerings start from standard secure email and extend too exchange hosting with 99.99% warranted up time. Click here to see the service comparison matrix or select form the list adjacent.
Safeguard your eMail service
Resources at a fraction of the price of buying, maintaining & supporting it yourself.
1. Standard secure professional email
2. Exchange email solutions
3. SharePoint solutions
4. VPN and encryption
5. Cloud Backup facility

Secure eMail professional platform

Comprehensive eMail solutions, having the right email platform can ensure and underpin your success.

As with the majority of our services, there is fundamental flexible control for clients that want partial or fully managed services; and ultimate flexibility for clients that want to configure and manage services themselves.

We cater for those that want a standard solution and those with strict constraints.

Our standard email solutions have features such as: anti-spam, sender verification, SSL, white-lists, black-lists and web mail facilities as standard. Advanced solutions can include encryption, exchange hosted email and VPN.

The eMail Professional whats involved?


As may have seen we have a comprehensive range of email services.


In order to explore the feasibility of introducing our email services. You may want to know what do next and what to expect.


1.       Sign-up
2.       NDA
3.       Service selection
4.       Contract agreed & payment plan
5.       Service implementation plan
6.       Service plan execution
7.       Service Review


How we do it

We try to make things a easy as possible, as you may guess it’s all been done before there is very little complexity. There are 3 key steps for SMEs and Large organisations. For SMEs the life cycle is likely to be shorter than the same of large organisations. Either way you will have your own dedicated project manager.


Key Steps

1.       Site assessment & data collection – This is where we will, if necessary, review your site and let you know what we think you will need, we may also give you a list of things that are usually desirable. It will be necessary to capture data for your system to work and this is where we do it.

2.       Enable service – During this stage we will do things like use the data collected to set-up/configure your service, migrate any previous data, deliver training if necessary, and test operability.

3.       Live review service - Your service is now live and working are there any issues changes you would like to make.



Resource changes and savings.