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Delivery management(DM)
DM is all about having a plan and the resources to execute the plan successfully. We have managers that can assemble a team and deliver your technical requirement in a structured way. Geting it right first time is beneficial.
How much resource
A simple delivery may only require a co-ordinator or project manager. A less straight forward delivery may require a system administrator, a database administrator, a web developer and a testing team. Download: Resourcing my delivery.
If you need us
Essentially if you feel it would be beneficial to have specialist resource to support your delivery we can supply it. Download: Resourcing your delivery and/or Smart sourcing your delivery.

Environment managers and methods

If you have the right technical environment resources you have the key to success experience, knowledge, enthusiasm and professionalism are core values.

We can assess your requirement and provide you with the agreed resource or you can tell us your requirements. Either way we will help you get you the required resource.
Resources can work to industry standard methods or in line with your companies procedures. We offer a high degree of flexibility.

We only recruit the best resource that money can buy which gives you the best chance of success.

GM Convergence in the IT Professionals choice for technical environment management and related services.

Our apporach to Technicial Environment Management resourcing

Our approach to Delivery Management and recourcing starts with the abbility to provision operators/administrators and colmenated with fully charged Technicial Environment Manager that can manage Programme/Project Managers in the delivery / management / support of technical environments.