About GM Convergence

Changing the rules for delivery and management of technical environments in the 21st century

We will help you to keep it simple where possible and help you bring clarity to complexity. 95% of technical environments used in organisations are straight forward and replicated throughout thousands of business. Our aim is to present these environments in a standardised competitive way.

Organisations today demand quality technical environments that are efficiently delivered and competitively pricing. We offer this, with a great deal of transparency and effective 24 x 7 support that is focused on customer satisfaction.

GM Convergence or Global Media Convergence - Represent the above attributes and aim to deliver services to organisations and individuals that require them. Our reach is global - our resources are highly skilled and experienced.

John Robinson Managing Director

Why choose us?

We have heavy hitting seasoned IT professionals on board, they have the experience and knowledge to present the beast information and processes. All of which you get for a greatly reduced price.

1. We save you time and resource
2. The integrity of environments provided are sound
3. Highly specialist support available
4. Supply strategic and tactical documentation
5. SLAs available to drive quality

Sign-up for any of our service to experience the world of GM Convergence. Our world utilises industry proven procedures, policies, technology to deliver best in class services. We would liken our service to that of the low flight airlines i.e. the old traditional airlines offer an expensive luxurious flight option where as we offer a solid no frills version - we will not be taking you out for dinner and then charge you for it consulting in fees.

Careers with GM Convergence

We seek a particular blend of intelligence, articulate, enthusiasm and technical inference when we are recruiting. If you feel you could be one of the special resources that can join a dynamic thriving team and support our values please contact us.

Enquiries for posting can be seen on our recruitment portal and applied for in the same place.

We pay our staff top rates and expect the same level of performance. Tell us what you want in support of moving your career forward and we will set a personnel development profile to take you there, where possible and appropriate.

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