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Cloud Hosting, SaaS & Technical Environment Management

Welcome to our world of efficient technical environment management, SaaS solutions and associated products/services.

Technical environments refer to the place where a computer system, application/software/data is resident e.g. an intranet site or flight operators ticket booking system or your email system.

GM Convergence brings you a comprehensive set of cloud ISP, Digital Marketing and SaaS Services that are second to none. We believe your organisation will be more 'lean' and hence more competitive with us.

Latest News

Economy drives demand for cost efficiencies in IT and Telecom departments

Private and Public sector organisations review their CapEx and Opex commitments for internet accessible technical environments and their telecom service platforms, as GM Convergence offers a cost effective alternative.

VPN gets you more than you might expect!

Customer report that they can use: BBC iPlayer from anywhere in the world and they are able to view internet TV that’s usually restricted to the country presence. VPN can give you a truly high level of security.

Professional Digital Market

We can safely say "internet marketing is very important to everyone that want to attract customers/users in todays world. Thanks to organisiations like GM Convergence the industry has matured and can now have engineered predictable results.